Mission Statement

mission statement

We are God’s Women Inspiring Women to serve God in the spirit of unity. It is our desire to establish relationships with Christian women through collaboration and fellowship. We strongly believe the Scripture, I Thessalonians 5:12 “Know them that labor among you.” Our goal is to meet regularly on a predetermined date for fellowship, refreshing and strategizing sessions to help women.

We recognize that as women, we face different challenges on a daily basis. We must keep our integrity and maintain our faith in spite of obstacles. Our goal above all else is to stay in right fellowship with God and one another. We are women inspired by God’s wisdom, to have the strength and courage to help one another.


God’s Women Inspiring Women is dedicated to enriching the lives of women. Each gathering is focused on providing a safe place for personal reflection and self-care. Women will have the opportunity to rehydrate their spirit and partner with other women in the essence of mentorship. Women will leave united, inspired, refreshed, and ready to lead the charge of kingdom building.

purpose statement

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